Who We Are?

Who We Are?

We are a team of Syrian volunteers including former detainees, activists and human rights defenders. We seek to communicate the voice of detainees and their families to the public sphere domestically and internationally to advocate for rescuing the lives of those who are still alive.

Our Work:

In SaveTheRest, we work on two main tracks:

Advocating for the rights of prisoners of conscience in the Syrian regime prisons

This is done through public campaigns, social media, correspondence and communication with relevant Syrian and international bodies.

Coordination among Syrian human rights organizations with regards to detainees

This is done through non-periodic ad hoc meetings to discuss the latest developments and agree and general principles and parameters as well as some joint steps such as letters, statements, studies or coordination of positions.


  • To save the lives and freedom detainees and forcibly disappeared persons who remain in Assad regime prisons
  • To put punitive institutions in Syria under international monitoring including civil and military prisons as well as secret detention facilities.
  • To achieve justice for victims of arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, torture and maltreatment in regime prisons and detention facilities and to hold those responsible for such violations accountable.
  • To achieve the drastic change in the Syrian state’s security structure established by the Assad regime to ensure non-recurrence of such violations and breaking the cycle of impunity.


A Syrian state free of arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance and torture governed by law and justice.