“Before It Is Too Late” a Joint document on the issue of detention

Before It is Too Late is a framework document which deals with the various aspects of the issue of detention in Syria. It is a multidisciplinary study and a policy paper offering practical proposals to deal with this issue within a set of legal and human rights parameters. Before It is Too Late is a living document that shall be developed and updated to incorporate other important aspects of the issue. As such, it is meant to initiate a serious discussion of how to best address the issue of detention in Syria, including how it must be dissociated from political bargaining, what lessons can be drawn from other countries as well as from the history of the conflict in Syria itself, and how the right to freedom, justice and accountability must be upheld in any anticipated final-status political arrangement.

This document is a collaborative work of:

  • Save The Rest Team
  • Urnammu for Justice and Human Rights
  • Syrian for Truth and Justice
  • Start Point Organization
  • The Center for Rule of Law & Good Governance