SaveTheRest Booklet

Many of those interested in the Syrian situation find it very difficult to understand the description used by many Syrians about their country under the Assad rule when they say that death is not the worst that could happen to them in Syria. For it has been instilled in the collective consciousness of a whole people that the horrors and torments experienced by detainees in the Assad regime’s prisons make death appear to be a merciful friend.

Bashar Al-Assad, following his father’s example and that of all tyrants, built a police state that solidifies his reign by all means of repression and infringement on the rights and liberties of his own people so as he tightens his grip and continues to rule as president of the country his father took control of in a military coup in 1970. When the Syrian Revolution against the Assad regime started in 2011, the security and intelligence apparatuses dedicated to the protection of the ruling regime showed their teeth and the practices used against detainees forgotten for decades in the dungeons of Assad regime’s prisons suddenly surfaced.

For there, in the dark, the world as we know it disappears, for another world to emerge; one where there is no trace of mercy or humanity, not even any law or deterrent, nothing but the whims of the torturer, their might and the forms of torture dictated by their sick imagination and inflicted upon whoever comes under their mercy. Should their souls flee their bodies, the torturer would prey on others constantly supplied by the Assad regime to satisfy his thirst for oppression and mutilation. So, the plight of detainees continues as a crime in the dark away from media or human rights documentation. Despite the atrocities revealed by the bloodless bodies of victims of silent massacres documented by the criminal himself and leaked by the end of 2013, the actual magnitude of the crime would most likely not reveal itself until the dust of the battles settles.

In the meanwhile, the carnage continues to grind the bones of our children and eat at the hearts of their parents leaving a lasting scar on the face of humanity unless the world takes action to Save The Rest.